Feb 25

Shuttle 4 McGlashan: Perfect evening out

Do you ever get the feeling you would like feel important? Perhaps trying out Lax Shuttle Service could be the answer to all your feelings, I can’t stand people always say never the McGlashan blog is about being open to discuss many subjects.

If you’re poor and you can’t afford most things you can still have ambitions. Shuttle 4 McGlashan is about trying out a limousine ride perhaps alone or with a few friends. If something is beyond your financial reach team with friends Shuttle 4 McGlashan can be as cheap as a night out in the pub not only that you’re sharing a good time you will not forget easily with some friends.

Generally speaking a lot of friends you hang around will share some of your interest and a good way to do things is to split the cost, doing this can broaden your mind as there are many thing which you would like to do in life and you may never do if you try it all alone the McGlashan blog loves networking with friends from all over the world who wish to try something but need a few friends to lessen the cost.

But don’t become an addict when you start using the shuttle: we started Shuttle 4 McGlashan from the internet, this is a great way to bring people together who wish to try things www.mcglashan sponsors that cause.

Let the day begin Shuttling.


Aug 17

Update on Roland’s Echoplex: Still ahead of all competitors

I recently mentioned a few words regarding the R-20 echo loop and the word is newer models have superseded it, but take nothing away from the R-20 as it still knocks spots off many of the echo loops which are available anywhere else.


Aug 15

Joe-Pass comping behind singers

Joe pass was a great Jazz guitarist and one often listened too by friend Emilia Nedzi and other people I know. Comping is the way to describe the guitar-playing behind a singer’s voice, so you see a Jazz guitarist and a singer as a duet what the guitarist does whilst the singer is singing is known as comping. Pass-frequently did this with Ella Fitzgerald.

It’s a great art to master and when you wish to make your playing sound colourful. In Jazz understanding chord harmony and chord relationships is imperative. Joe pass did just that, he knew how to blend in different chords with the singer’s voice. This was a skill which he had worked hard to accomplish. Guitarist like Ted Greene has mastered this style and have excellent books written on chord theory. I recommend his famous book chord chemistry. Brian Setzer the lead singer and guitarist from the Stray Cats studied Jazz guitar and was very good at utilizing this technique.

Jazz musicians are generally well trained as it’s hard to be able to play it and sound good with little knowledge so they all have to practice on a daily basis.


Aug 10

Myth of a music teacher

I’ve a great passion for musical instruments but when it’s all said and done my favorite has to be the guitar, from the beginning of knowing I like listening to music it has always been the one which I love. It has a huge flexibly enabling many tone variations.

When you really want to get into an instrument you should not look for any short cuts, as with all things that are rewarding there is always many learning curves to pass before you can benefit and the Guitar Lesson is exception.

I once knew a teacher who lived on a busy high street close to a few shops which sold Guitars and as well as amplifiers, strings pick-ups and effects in fact all the bits and pieces you would want to have to be able to play the electric or any other Guitar also had a variety of Music Books to accompany those on the Guitar Lesson, a person wanted to learn to play the Guitar spent over £700 from this shop on an electric guitar and amplifier after going for his fist lesson he began to complain his fingers were hurting and he cried out I cannot continue this and left the lesson and the equipment with the teacher and never returned to collect them.

Had he been a little bit more patient and his teacher had a good course to simplify teaching for all beginners he would not have been so eager to give up, having said that there are those who turn their nose up at the slightest problem they encounter in anything they have to learn.

Often when people want to learn to play an instrument they ask themselves who is the best player in the country? Let me assure you it is a big mistake, A person recently won chance to take a couple private guitar lessons in the home of the Rock Guitarist Brian May from the notorious Live Music band called Queen, he has to pay £7600 for 2 hours of his time. Sure it is an honour to have a lesson from your hero but how many people could really afford that.

The best Guitar Player does not mean he is the best person to learn from, a great example is the writer of many guitar tuition books for beginners and advanced Guitarist named Russ Shipton, in his books he teaches you step by step how to play the Guitar Parts of many well known songs, yet he is far from being the best Guitarist but he is very successful in teaching you all he knows in a very adaptable way so all he teaches you learn this is an example of the perfect guitar lesson.